Gay For the Stay In Cell Block HP

A new type of interrogation for prisoners at BIRD

Are you tough enough?

Ever wondered what goes on behind bars? Huge, pumped up, horse cocked Screws (guards) make body builder pussy boy Cat C (wearing orange jumpsuits) inmates bend over and get their holes destroyed. Cock sucking, ass-eating, double penetration… these sluts will get everything they deserve and more – from the showers to the warden’s office, no place is safe!

Each participant must make themselves fully aware of the Prison rules in advance and decide whether they want to participate as a Cat D Trustee (white prison jumpsuit) or Cat C (orange prison jumpsuit, wearing a red or black hood and cuffed). You can even choose to be a Screw in Boots Jocks and Jeans or full prison guards uniform.

As a new resident, you will learn that life behind bars may be more challenging than ever imagined. Are you tough enough to handle Bird, where corruption that bursts behind the walls of the cells? Your fellow Cat D Trustees (dressed in White) inmates will make you toe the line — or you will pay the price.

Cat C prisoners and the Trustees must arrive at least 20 minutes before the Screws on the night. The Cat C prisoners in Orange prison jumpsuits will be naked underneath, their hands bound tight whilst the Cat D Trustee covers their heads in either a red or black hood. They are then taken to the warden’s cell and presented to the Screws, who thoroughly inspect the prisoners at their leisure. When a Screw decides which prisoners he wants, he will lead them away and use them as he wishes.

We understand that many people are now taking PrEP and we have added the Red and Black Hoods for Cat C to chose before the event; A Red hood suggests that you are currently on PrEP it will therefore be the responsibility of both the Screw and the Cat C prisoner to discuss methods of safer sex before any sexual activity.

In the meantime, the overbearing Screws will take everything and anything they want, including their cellmate Trustees, who himself might be covered by a hood.

Cat D Trustees can and will get used. This role allows you to watch the bored, horny, and locked-up criminals in their orange jumpsuits. See what these sex-deprived guys do to pass the time? Getting fucked, wrecked, and loaded by every Screw in the maximum security cell block….

If you ́re a Cat D Trustee who has been chosen and invited by the Screw, you can join in and even clean up the Cat C prisoner. Your white Prison jumpsuit can be removed or just torn off your back. The Screw may decide to watch you as he tells you what he wants to see and do to your fellow prisoners.

When a Screw finishes with his prisoner, he hands him back to a Cat D Trustee to prepare the prisoners again to be available in the warden’s room.

If the Trustee asks the Screws well enough, he might be able to take a Cat C prisoner himself, with the Screws watching every movement, of course! Everyone will hear the screams as they echo around the prison walls. Unless you call out the ́safe word and you ́ll be quickly returned to your cells

At each party, we get a selection of fit, sexy, and handsome gay and bi guys from London and beyond, looking to have sex with similar guys in a drug and attitude-free environment. Free condoms and lube are available for use.

Advance tickets £19, Members £19, non-members £21 (including free coat check)

Categories of prisoners for advanced tickets

Cat D Trustees (White)

Cat C (Orange)

Screws Wardens

UNION NIGHTCLUB, (BACK ENTRANCE) 66 Goding Street Vauxhall. SE11 5AW.

Friday 10th March from 9pm – Live show at 1pm

Credited to DirtyBoyz Magazine