A Study on Chemsex and Mental Wellbeing

Invitation to participate in a research study you’ll have the chance to win a £50


We cordially invite you to take part in an important research study focusing on the correlation between chemsex and mental health. As an individual who identifies as gay, bisexual, or other men who have sex with men (GBMSM) and engage in chemsex, your valuable insights can contribute significantly to understanding the community’s psychological wellbeing.

Led by Dr. Lukasz Lagojda, a Master of Public Health student at the University of Wolverhampton, this study aims to shed light on the mental health aspects of GBMSM who participate in chemsex. Your involvement in this research is entirely voluntary and anonymous, ensuring the utmost confidentiality.

By participating in this study, you will play a vital role in advancing our knowledge in this critical area. Additionally, to express our gratitude for your participation, you’ll have the chance to win a £50 Highstreet voucher.

If you are interested in contributing to this groundbreaking research, please click the following link [insert link] to access the survey. The questionnaire will take approximately 3-4 minutes to complete. Remember, your responses will remain confidential, stored securely, and reported only in aggregate form.

Should you have any questions or concerns about the study, please feel free to contact Dr. Lukasz Lagojda at [insert contact information]. Your participation is genuinely appreciated, and your input will make a meaningful impact.

Thank you for your consideration, and we hope to have you on board for this important research endeavor.