How have the last 12 months been for you?

The last year has been great.  I am really proud of my tour in particular, performing at so many live events all over Europe. 

I’ve been to Juice Berry, Venice & Home, Pisa, Hard On London, Hustlaball Berlin, Invasion Amsterdam, The Eagle Amsterdam, Schlamos  Berlin, Leather & Fetish Pride Antwerp – The worlds largest indoor fetish event.

On screen I appeared in the Bruce La Bruce/ CockyBoys collaboration “Fleapit”,  which was a dream come true to make and easily the biggest thing to happen in gay porn last year. I also recorded scenes with Butch Dixon, Cazzo & Crunchboy.

I’ve just completed working with Bruce again in a new film for XConfessions by Erika Lust. 

And I had a ‘first time experience’ on set this year, but I can’t talk about it util the film comes out. 

You’ve won awards before, in last year’s enviable Best Top category, none the less. How does it feel to be nominated for more again this year?

Haha, I also won Best Ass Eater this year at Ravens Eden Awards.  I was particularly proud of that one too, as the The Ravens Eden Awards are international it all came as a huge surprise. 

It’s always great to be nominated – and a boost to win. I have two more awards that I ever thought I would win, so I am proud.

I’m am the most nominated performer this year and I’m overwhelmed at that. Although I don’t expect to be lifting any trophies this year. It is an honour to be nominated though and I am grateful to everyone who nominated me.

Do you have any tips to place my bets on, or predictions for this year’s awards ceremony?

Names to look out for: Dolf Dietrich, Viktor Rom and Max Duro.

Predictions? Max will be super hot on stage; there will be questionable outfits; you can expect to see ALL of the UK boys

Are you coming to the After Party?

The party is on a school night and I live in Berlin so unfortunately I can’t make it. You can catch me live in London however on the May 27th when I make my return to SBN. 

Robbie John Dean