Hi Ale, good to see you again.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of you before, who are you and why have you been invited to perform at SBN this coming Sunday 20th October?

I am known to most people as a go-go and gay movie star, who has worked with many the major production companies in Europe as well as in the US.  I also perform live at fetish club and large gay events.  Some of you will recognise me from your holidays to Gran Canaria.

How long have you been working as a performer?  What got you started?

I started my career quite late. At that time I was living in the Netherlands and as I was very exhibitionist I started to think how I could amplify that need or desire and so I decided to make things happen. 

You recently starred in productions for Maspalomas Fetish Week. How was the week for you?

It´s a great opportunity not only professional, but also to meet a lot of friends from all over the world. MFW is one of the most successful fetish events in Europe and I am happy to be directly involved in making it a success.

Do you live in Gran Canaria full time now?

Yes, I do. It´s a great place for me to live, not only because of the climate, but as well as for the friendly, positive atmosphere you breathe while there.

Do you have any fetishes of your own that you would like to share?

Come to SBN and I will show you some of them…

What has brought you to the UK?

I am heading to Palm Springs for the Leather Pride and I took a chance to stop over for few days in London.  I am very excited that Jamie HP has  invited me to perform for SBN this weekend at Union. I am sure some of my fans will be thrilled to see me there too. 

Have you worked with Jamie HP or SBN before?

I performed for Jamie HP when they hosted a naked SBN Pool Party at the Basement Studios in Gran Canaria during Fetish Week. I also worked several times at SBN when it was held at Hois, but this will be my first time in a while, whichever way you look at it.  I hear with Union as the venue Sunday’s have become extremely busy.

You will be taking to the stage with the young muscle pup Austin Sugar.   Is this the first time that you will have met?  What do you think of him so far?

I never had the opportunity to work with him, but I saw some pics of him and I think he´s hot. I am looking forward to meeting him.

What can we expect from you both when you come together for your live show?

Mmmh, do you really want to know in advance? I cannot tell you, otherwise I will be censored … Come to the show and you will see it with your own eyes.

You are often described as a’ daddy’ type. Is that how you would like people to think of you?

I think this is because of my age, but personally I don´t like very much those type of classifications

There will be lots of up for it guys at SBN wanting to meet with you and say hello. Will you be mixing with the crowd on the day and able to meet with your fans?

Meeting people is always a pleasure and I hope it will be even more…

How else can people follow you and keep in touch? Are you on apps such as Grindr or social media and do you have any other plans to perform whilst in the UK?

I am on different apps and it won´t be difficult to look for me  as I always appear with my name Ale Tedesco. I am due to spend just a few days in the UK, much of which I shall be spending with friends. As we speak, SBN is my only show.   

What do you think that you will be bringing to your performance at SBN that London’s clubbers have never seen before?

Hard to say. I think London’s clubbers have already seen quite a lot, but I hope they will recognize that my performance genuine and organic.  I work hard to communicate with my fellow performers and every audience equally.

Robbie John Dean