So, you want to be a porn star? For how long has this been on the cards?

Oh yeah! I’m sure I have always wanted to be a porn star since my mates and I were secretly watching porn whilst still teenagers.

And what would be your porn star credentials?

I haven’t done any professional studio work yet but I have collaborated with some porn stars for fans channels. And the past 24 hours has been overwhelming. For some reason, 4 studios talked to me today…. Just today!

You seem very young. Have you had much chance to get to speak with others working on the scene?

I do?  First ever porn star I ever met was Tim Kruger when I visited Barcelona in Easter this year and I had real enriching conversation with him then.  I’ve met him a lot for the past 6 weeks. He’s been inspiring so far! 

Have you had any modelling or performance experience other than for gay movies? You look quite familiar to me.?

Haha!  I had featured naked in Attitude magazine earlier this year.  Perhaps you’ve seen the issue. I also perform with the Gay Men’s Dance Company 

There are so many opportunities these days for guys like you to appear in porn, whether that be working from home over the internet or for a professional studio. How will you know when you have reached star status?

I am already a star even before I decided to be one! Stardom is all in the mind and heart. Believe it. Claim it. Be it! 

Do you think porn stars have a responsibility to champion causes that their exposure gives them the platform to?

Absolutely. Porn star or not, you can champion any cause. At the moment, I am supporting a charity group in Manila that supports orphaned children with special needs and another that helps rehabilitation of recovering drug addicts. 

We’ve seen photos of you with Orson Deane who you appeared with this Sunday’s SBN. What was thatfor… and have you already had sex before todays show? 

Yes. He really fucked me well at the Hard On party couple months ago… then we met another time at his place to film it. 

Gay men are widely renowned for their one-off sexual encounters. Do you think that sex is better with relative strangers, or do things get better the second time around?

It depends really. It’s all in the chemistry. Since I am insatiable, seconds nor third are not enough for me if first was amazing! 

You’ve really wetter our appetite so far. Where can we be seeing more of you in the future?

Oh yes! Follow me on twitter ( and subscribe to my channel at 

Robbie John Dean