To fully experience the thrill of this party’s sensational uniqueness, the rules of the Bird are to be abided by. To guarantee the quality of the event, the Governor of Cell Block HP holds the right of refusal.

Reasons for rejections include:

If you are highly under the influence of alcohol.

If you are under the influence of drugs.

The classic "pushy darkroom grabber type.

If  you do not maintain a standard minimum of personal hygiene. If you are obese (Unfortunately really obese guys never get picked) , "We welcome all guys from Slim, athletic, average, pups, muscular, bears, wolves, cubs, and otters, from fit, attractive young to the mature daddies.  Guys who look after themselves. They will always be very welcome, but we will insist upon ensuring a certain quality, i.e., body build/physique as above-,

Overall appearance and hygiene are acceptable to all participants involved. We are confident that you know and understand what we mean.

You must be fully aware of our rules before you attend the party. Upon entering the Prison premises, you agree, i.e., you give your non-exceptional full consent to all of these set rules. Any violation, whether it is intentional or unintentional, will mean you will be asked to leave the party immediately and may be removed from the Jamie HP guest list.

01) Cat C Orange and the Cat D White Trustees must arrive at the Prison 20 minutes before the Guard’s SCREWS come. The email will announce the details of entrance times before the event.

02) It is not possible to change roles once the night begins! Cat C Orange and Guard SCREW cannot change their positions once they enter the Landing and cells.

03) Cat C Orange -on-Cat C Orange sex and Guard SCREW-on-Guard SCREW sex are not allowed! Cat D White Trusties is permitted to have sex with both the Cat C Orange and Guard SCREW but only at the request of the Guard SCREW. You will be asked to leave immediately if you are caught not obeying this or any of these rules. This will lead to immediate expulsion from the party and possibly from other parties.

04) Cat C Orange and Cat D White Trustees, you will be issued a NUMBER and jumpsuit. Please wear Trainers. Personal items, contraband phones, cards, and cash are given in a sealed clear bag and can be accessed at any time to spend at the bar. All other clothing is put into a black-tied bag are to be given to the cloakroom team until you are released from the prison.

05) Guard SCREW Shoes or boots are compulsory; you will be issued a security vest. The guard’s SCREWS can always undress and be naked to participate in the BIRD PRISON. It’s your party, LEATHER, JOCK, HARNESS, and SHORTS; it is up to you something macho and sexy.

06) The Guard SCREW are only allowed to enter the Landing once told by the Governor.

07) A Cat C Orange cannot refuse a Guard SCREW; he must continually surrender to him and let himself be Used. Unless he uses the safe word.

08) The Guard SCREW uses the Cat C Orange as he pleases. We understand that many people are now taking PrEP. Therefore, it will be the responsibility of both the Cat C Orange and the Guard SCREW to discuss methods of safer sex before any sexual activity (Red Hood PrEP – Black Hood NO Bareback). This is for the safety and well-being of everyone. Cat D White Trustees will be on hand to monitor this. Cat D White Trustees must ensure that Guards SCREWS respect their Cat C Orange prisoners.

09) A safe word is given at the event’s start. All attendees must be aware of the safe word. When the safe word is used, all activity must stop until the Governor instructs that activity can continue. Cat D White Trustees must ensure that all Cat C Orange Prisoners and Guards SCREWS comply.

10) NO PHONES ON THE LANDING Making phone calls, taking photographs pictures, making video recordings, removing the

Cat C Orange Prisoners’ blindfolds hoods.

11) Most importantly, HAVE A FUCKING HORNY TIME!

If you cannot agree to any of these rules of the BIRD, then this is not a party for you. Please do not come and waste your time and money.


(HP Cell Block)