Cat C Orange

Cat C (Orange) The role of the Cat C (Orange) Prisoner is to be used by the Guards (Screw) in any way they deem fit. All Cat C (Orange) must wear the orange jumpsuit when entering the prison and give their clothes to the cloakroom team. Boots or trainers are compulsory – only socks, cock-rings, and harnesses may be kept on. Under the jumpsuit

When you are ready, the Cat D Trusties (White) will bound your hands and place a cotton RED OR BLACK sack over your head to ensure the Guards (Screws) go unrecognised for the entire evening. During the evening,

The Cat D Trusties (White) will attend to your needs (taking you for drinks, providing condoms and lube, toilet break, etc.)You must use the safe word if you need help in anyway or you are struggling The Cat D Trusties (White) administer all your needs, care, overall welfare, and safety. If you need a break, a Cat D Trusties (White) will take you to a Walden’s room, where you can fully recuperate from the physically strenuous, energetic activity.

The Cat D Trusties (White) will bring you onto landing to await the Guard (Screws) You can be standing, or, kneeling, or positioned on all fours. The Guards (Screws) are free to move around the Prison cells. They can have something to drink at the bar and inspect the Cat C Prisoners of all they may if they wish (feel your body, touch your cock and ass, etc.) Once a Guard has decided to take you, he will ask the Cat D Trusties (White) to to bring you to a cell so he can take you away to be used he might demand that the Cat D Trusties (White)– Joins– that’s up to the Guard (Screw) You cannot refuse a Guard (Screw) unless you use the safe word and must always surrender to him and let yourself be used. (USE THE SAFE WORD IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM)

The Guard (Screw) will use you as he pleases, White hood with a fresh condom. Red Hood (PrEP) BB. When the Guard Screw has finished with you, he will ask you to take the the Landing. The Cat C (orange) is then free for use by the other Guards (Screw)


9.00 pm UNION Club Back Entrance 66 Goding St SE11 5AW ORANGE CAT C (Please wear Trainers or pumps, so you slip on and off) When you arrive in the sweat box from court You will address the governor as Sir and all officers as either Sir or Screw.

  1. Process Prisoners
  2. Given ORANGE Prison jumpsuit
  3. Given a prison Number
  4. Hand you tied bag + Plastic bag Personal credit card or cash with the same number to keep for the bar
  5. Sent to the induction wing, where you will meet the Trustee (White) will hood you and cuff you (you will be given a choice of red or Black Hood)
  6. you will be given a safe word that you must always use when leaving the main wing or needing help.
  7. Held in the waiting area for the Screws to arrive
  8. You will be marched into the main landing area where the Trustee (White) will either strip you or ask you to strip in front of the SCREWS, get Re-cuffed, and taken to a cell or the main wing by the SCREWS
  9. When approaching any stairs or toilets, the Trustee (White) will take you and remove your Hood. Your personal possessions will be accessed by the bar. Do not lose your number
  10. You can leave when you wish