Cat D Trusties (White)

Your role is to care for the Cat C (Orange prisoner) and assist the Guard (Screw) in his desires with the Cat C (Orange prisoner) Prepare the Mare once the Guard (Screw) has finished. to be used again. They may request you join the fun. It is also your responsibility to care for the well-being of the Cat C (Orange prisoner) at all times inside the Prison You must ensure that all the Guard (Screw) respect the Cat C (Orange prisoner). as regards  The Red or White Hood and ensure the rules are followed.

Be prepared to stop a Guard(Screw) if you hear the safe word. After the Cat C (Orange prisoner) are ready, you bind the hands and place cotton, either a RED (PrEP) or WHITE sac, over the heads to ensure that the Guard (Screw go unrecognised for the entire evening.

During the entire evening, you will attend to the needs of the Cat C (Orange prisoner)(bringing drinks, providing condoms and lube, toilet break, etc.) The Guard (Screw) can and my request for the Cat D Trusties (White) to join in with the session

You administer all the Cat C (Orange prisoner) needs, care, overall welfare, and safety. If a Mare needs a break, the Cat C (Orange prisoner) is taken to a side room, where it can fully recuperate from the physically strenuous, energetic activity.

Once a Guard (Screw) has decided upon a Cat C (Orange prisoner) he will ask you to for the Cat C (Orange prisoner) so he can take the Prisoner away for it to be used– in a Cell sling, or mattress – that’s up to the Guard (Screw. When the Guard (Screw) has finished. He will ask you to take the Cat C (Orange prisoner) back to its Landing.

The prisoner is then free for use by the other Guards (Screw). Once the Cat C (Orange prisoner) have been used and none of the Guard (Screw) have any use for them, the Guard (Screw) may leave the landing.

Only once every Guard (Screw) has gone are you allowed to uncover the Cat C (Orange prisoner) heads so they can get dressed and leave. If a Cat C (Orange prisoner) wishes to leave the party earlier, you need to take this The Cat C (Orange prisoner) to the Wardens room with their head still covered.

The Cat C (Orange prisoner) then leaves the Prison still blindfolded, without coming into any visual contact with any of the Guard (Screw), and sees the happenings of the auction.


Cat D Trusties (White) TICKET ON THE NIGHT

8 45 pm UNION Club Back Entrance 66 Goding St SE11 5AW Trustee (White) Voyeur Role (shoes or boots) When you arrive in the sweat box from court You will address the governor as Sir and all officers as either Sir or Screw.

  1. Process Prisoners
  2. Given a WHITE Prison jumpsuit
  3. Given a prison Number
  4. Hand you tied bag + Plastic bag Personal credit card or cash with the same number to keep for the bar
  5. Governors Talk As you will give instructions to the ORANGE CAT D PRISONERS
  6. Sent to the induction wing, where you will meet the ORANGE CAT D. You will then hood and cuff them (giving them a choice of red (PrEP) or Black Hood). CONDOM)
  7. you will give them a safe word which they must use at all times to attract your attention when they wish to leave the Main Wing
  8. When the screw is ready in the Main wing, you will take the ORANGE CAT D into the main wing, where you will either strip them yourself or ask the prisoner to strip in front of the SCREWS. You will then Re-cuffed them
  9. When approaching any stairs or toilets, you will remove their Hood for their safety

You can have fun with the prisoners if you ask the screw, but your role is primarily a Voyeur and caring role.