Thanks Dolf, how are you doing – and how have the last 12 months treated you?

he last 12 months have been incredible.  Without doubt the best thing that has happened to me is that I am now a legally married man as of June 11th 2017. Work wise I have filmed a ton of exciting content which is now hitting the shelves, including a very hot wresting film I shot in Paris to some incredible poolside scenes in sunny Southern California. I think they might actually be my best scenes yet. I have also been fortunate enough to perform live XXX shows in really cool places like Tel Aviv, Israel and Panama City, Panama and on the 17th, London, at the Prowler European Porn Awards After Party.

You are up for an award in the in the International Pornstar category of this year’s awards. Have you won any awards already? How do you feel about the nominations?

I am so excited to be at the Prowler Porn Awards ceremony and After Party.  It’s an incredible honor to be nominated in a category with so many deserving men. I have won several awards before, including Best Cock in Porn in 2016 at the HustlaBall Awards in Berlin as well as various American awards. It would be great to win, but if not, I am quite OK with that as I remain a successful performer in the industry.

Are you excited about starring in the live shows at the After Party?  I am sure the rest of the cast will be looking forward to working with you?

Definitely! Live shows are my favorite part of the adult entertainment industry and I have done them all over Europe, the USA, and South America. Most recently in I travelled to Tel Aviv. I am a natural exhibitionist and absolutely love showing off for the crowd. Often I am booked as a ‘solo’ entertainer with the stipulation that I find a fan in the audience to take on stage to fuck or get fucked by… so you NEVER know what could happen at one of my shows!

With so many porn stars coming together for one evening – on and off the stage, should we prepare ourselves for a bit of naughty behaviour from the boys? 

I think so.. I am naturally naughty, although I prefer the term ‘piggy’! I’m sure there will be some backstage playing, but I intend on keeping the best part of the show for the fans.

I’m told you usually prefer your men with men with tattoos, muscles, and beards.  Will you be seeking out any of the performers out to partner up with on the night?

I am a truly versatile, both in my ‘real life’ and when I am performing. I enjoy sex with all types of men, although muscled, tatted older daddies are generally my ‘type’, I LOVE fucking young smooth twinks and showing them that Daddy Dolf is in charge!

Aside from versatile, how would you describe yourself sexually when you are performing? Do you have ay kinks, fetishes or favourite positions? 

Generally, I am mostly turned on by turning other guys on,  so the position isn’t always the important part for me personally.  I try and always think of the view the crowd is getting, I don’t want to block any of the action, so I make sure everyone who is watching gets hard and horny. I

I am NOT shy and I am very aggressive. I tend to always be the alpha of the pack, the leader who takes charge on stage and in bed. That said if there is any man who can rise to the occasion and thinks they have what it takes to dominate me in an onstage performance, I generally let them. It’s only happened successfully a few times, however.

Do you play a role on stage or will be getting a true insight to the sex you really like to have?

It’s about half and half. Generally, my sex in my personal life is very hot, but when I am on stage i definitely come alive in a different way. There is something about the energy of all the people in the room watching you with lust in the eyes that makes me especially animalistic.

Your social media pages suggest that you have only been performing since 2012, which is remarkable since many consider you one of the porn star greats. What was going on with you at the time – and what made you turn to a career in porn?

That’s true! Well, I think 6 years is a pretty long run in the industry and I am not done yet! I was living in a very small seaside town in the winter of 2012 and working from home running my own business in marketing, advertising and graphic design. One day, I clicked on an ad for home modeling and starting making a lot of money to be performing  on webcam. It was ten the persona of Dolf Dietrich was born.  By utilising all of my skills in advertising, marketing and graphic design I created what is now a very successful brand in the industry. 

When people tell my they love my scenes or appreciate my physical attributes, I am very flattered. But when the say they appreciate my marketing of Dolf, I am over the moon!

And how is life looking for you now? Are you attached to particular studios – and are you still filming new scenes and what are your plans from here?

Life is wonderful!  I am married to my beautiful husband Hugh Hunter, who I met on set for Lucas Entertainment a few years ago. We were married in a small ceremony on the beach in June of 2017.  He is the BEST thing that’s ever happened in my life and I am truly blessed. He is a pretty big name in porn as well, although he’s been taking an extended break from the industry. Nevertheless he has left a major impression on the business. We live in New York City and love traveling, theate, great food and of course, sex!

There will be lots of porn fans coming to the After Party who would love to meet you (and grab a selfie, I’m sure). What’s the etiquette for a fanatic when requesting a picture with a porn star, especially for those who are there to work up on stage and mingle with the crowds in between?

Honestly, just be polite and please don’t grab my cock (unless you ask!). Really, it’s not a problem, just ask!  I have THE BEST fans in gay porn and I am SO honoured to be one of the top Daddies in the industry. I ALWAYS make time to share a moment with a fan who asks, because without my fans I would not be where I am today.

Where can porn fans find your best work? And what are the best options for following you online?

I’ve been fortunate enough to film with most of the major studios in North America and Europe, as well as many smaller ones too. I have never been an ‘exclusive’ with any studio, so my work is widely varied.  I always suggest to get a good ‘taste’ of Dolf Dietrich that my fans go to,  a streaming service which the studios work with to see content, as opposed to those that pirate it. I am extremely active on social media, mostly Twitter and Instagram. Drop me a line and say hi! 

Robbie John Dean