You are 29 and yet only just starting out in porn.  What was it that suddenly make you decide to fuck for a living?

Because I’m a horned up dirty oik that gets off getting his kit off. And it beats sitting at a desk chatting shit with clients from 9-5. I still have day job, an office job in the picturesque city of Bath. It pays the bills, but there’s nothing like JamieHPEvents in Bath, believe me.

Plus I recently ended a long term relationship, where sex was quite vanilla.  I want to try new things and experiment.

i’ve been in the job two months now. I did my first photoshoot on the 8th September and first porn shoot the 17th September.  So I’m the newbie. But we all like shiny new things to play with right?  I’m tenacious, hungry, chomping at the bit for success.

Entering in to porn is a bold move and can effect other aspects of your life and career. Where do you see your new direction taking you?

What I won’t do is let the attention go to my head and develop a new persona that puts up barriers. I’m lighthearted and easy going by nature. I have time for people, I poke fun out of myself. I am fully aware of my actions and I believe everything happens for a reason, so I am happy to work hard and go with the flow.  I have emotions and I have insecurities, but I can take constructive criticism.  

I am not ready for romance though and have not time for love so I could still break some hearts.

You’ve been working with some of the big studios already, including UK HotJocks, Badpuppy, Blake Mason. Looking back at you early experiences, what would be your hottest experience so far?

It’s all been so hot,  I’ve worked on a series of photo shoots to build the portfolio and have filmed 4 scenes over 3 studios.  My solo with UK Hotjocks is our already. The rest are in editing.  But the Badpuppy scene with Nathan Raider stands out clearly as I got my ass pounded good and proper – and in some fucking hot positions too.

Do you have a fantasy that you still want to play out for the camera?

I want to be a slut pig sub, dragged through the streets where it’s open season on my ass. Cumdump at your service.

Your Twitter site is full of great photos. Its almost like you have tried out the whole dressing up box or something. Were the different outfits just for fun, or is role play something that you like to experiment with through your sex?

It’s just for fun. I would give roleplay a go, but I think I’ll end up breaking character and role around laughing. I can dom pretty well, I can get well and truly nasty, and treat you scum. But if you want me to fuck you as a sailor, well, lets just say they’ll be a lot of seamen helping me out.

If you were to define yourself by a ‘tribe’, like on the gay apps, what would it be?

I’d be a jock. Don’t you agree? Or do you mean fetish and kinks?  

Don’t worry: we are getting there! What really gets you going? Which of the tribes turns you on?

Well, I love waters sports, fisting, rubber. Granted I don’t have the biggest collection of rubber and I may have only taken a fist once. But I’m only two months into this game so give me a chance! So maybe something sleazy. Otherwise can I call redheads get a tribe? Redheads! Haha. 

That works for us!  Sportswear works everytime with JamieHP.  And the next step? When will we hear from you again?

And I’ve been invited to perform a show at SBN with the gorgeous young James Bennett. Its a full live duo so is bound to be scorchingly hot.  Plus you can follow me on Twitter at @drewdixxxon and Instagram at @drew.dixxon.

Oh! And don’t forget there are two scenes for Blake Mason and Badpuppy to be released.

You have come an incredible way since we first met you at the club just over a year or so ago and have just returned from the US where we know that you have been performing.  What exactly where you doing there?

Thank you, I guess I don’t notice it myself before; I’m just living my life. 

It was a really successful trip across the pond. I had the opportunity to work for several studios, GoGo dance, perform live shows throughout several cities and of course perform at Hustlaball in Las Vegas which was simply incredible.

I feel my time spent at SBN during 2018 helped set me up mentally and physically to make my Hustlaball debut performance a success. 

Have you leaned ant new tricks from your travels that will excite the boys tomorrow at SBN?

You’ll experience a much dynamic performance from me going forward on live stage! I’ve become a much more versatile performer, I am sure that you’ll agree…



Robbie John Dean