may, 2018

This is a repeating event

24may - 25may 249:00 pmmay 25Horse Fair LONDON


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Advanced tickets 

1st Saturday or the month

The next Horse Fair Saturday1st February 2020

UNION Nightclub (Back Entrance) 66 Goding St, Vauxhall, London SW11 5AW

The Horse Fair is the niche underground club where willing mares offer themselves to stallions, without ever showing their faces. 

At each event, you can expect over 100 fit, athletic guys 18 and upwards, as well as muscled studs and classical ’real men’ who prefer the fetish scene.

On arrival, mares, stableboys, and stallions are sent to separate areas of the club so that they do not come into contact with each other until everyone has been to the auction. The mares are then stripped naked, hands bound and their heads covered, before being taken into the auction room by the stable lads.  Once there, they are presented to the stallions who should bid for their selections before the pairings can begin.  When a stallion finishes, he returns his mare to the auction room for the next waiting stallion. 

The role play takes place in an environment where the senses have been intentionally reduced and sexual tension fills the air.  It’s not unusual to feel butterflies, although participation can bring on the ultimate high which can perfect fulfilling fantasies or safely exploring your imagination.

This is a private event and anyone wishing to attend must decide on a role for the evening before applying for their invitation online, choosing between as a stable lad, a mare, or the masculine stallion.  Invitations are sent to a carefully vetted guest list.  For maximum enjoyment, every participant must be fully aware of the rules that are also available online.  Could this be your month for The Horse Fair?


UNION CLUB  (Back Entrance) 66 Goding St, Vauxhall, London SW11 5AW

9pm – 9.15pm (9.20pm Stallions)

£16 includes coat check


9pm – 915pm

BOOTS or TRAINERS and a Harness if you wish


9pm – 915pm

The Stable Lads are there to ensure the safety of the Meres at all times.



920pm 935pm

LEATHER, JOCK, HARNESS, SHORTS, it’s up to you it’s your party just something really sexy! Arrive between (do not arrive before as it is important that you don’t meet the Mares before the event)

Everyone is allowed to invite guests as long as they meet the Hoist Private and H-Partyboys brief: sexy, fit, handsome, gay or bi, men. Please make sure they give your name as the referral. If they are arriving as a role different from yourself, they must go to the entrance at the times requested.

We have hired a UNION for a total lock-in (PRIVATE PARTY). The venue has agreed that we can have complete control with what happens in the club on the night,

Your Livery Master.

Jamie x

“Are you brave enough for the stable!”


24 (Thursday) 9:00 pm - 25 (Friday) 2:00 am GMT


UINON Club Back Entrance

66 Goding St SE11 5AW


Jamie 07795 198280