Gabriel Prowler Awards

It’s great to catch up Gabriel. What’s been going down for you since the last Prowler Awards in 2017?

The last year has been very eventful for me! I’ve had opportunities to work with wonderful porn companies internationally from virtual reality to artistic and theme based shoots for Halloween!  I’ve also had great opportunies to work on creative LGBT+ Projects for wonderful directors like Sapic Productions and appeared on BBC3 for a segment titled “What Not to ask Porn Stars”.

Have you told your mum that you’re up for more awards?

Yes my mum is very supportive, as is my whole family. She might even attend the awards this year. My younger brother did in 2017.

JamieHP is proud that so many performers who play out in his clubs have been nominated this year. How are you feeling about the competition between you and the other nominees in your fields you have been nominated for?

Last year I won the Prowler’s Best Newcomer title in the UK, which was wonderful reward of recognition that my work was well ei and that I was doing right by my fan base. I’m lucky to have some of the most loyal support around! 

This year I don’t expect to win any of the categories I have been nominated for as the the completion is much wider since Prowler have been rebranded to become the European Porn Awards. Great for Brexit but a blow for the British porn community!

If not yourself, who would you be placing your bets on clinching a win?

I wouldn’t bet this year as I was astonished by some of the results last year.  Personally, I would love to pass the mantle to Frankie Quinn as Best Newcomer! That boy works hard and my I’ll protest loudly if he misses out, raising the venue to the ground.

Do you have any other predictions for awards night? 

Hahaha, plenty of drama (jokes).  And that many new, unknown talent will be snapping up the awards.  I’m hosting a warm up event at the Eagle the night before, so here’s hoping that I’m not too hungover for the red carpet.

Are you coming to the After Party?

I didn’t realise that there was a separate After Party! I’ll be heading to wherever the gang is going, no doubt. Over time many of us have become like one big communal family and it’s always great to be reunited under one roof.

Is there anyone in particular that you’ll be hanging out with?

Haha well that’s a surprise and you’ll have to wait and see. ! I have my own posse of family and friends but in terms of colleagues, I pretty much know and love everyone. It will be be a mash up of some of the hottest stars and my most favourite friends, including my fake ‘lesbian lover’, Dmitry Olsten!

Should we expect any naughty behaviour from your corner of the room?

Do know who I am, right?  I don’t think I can be anything but naughty.  I have already pledged that If I win I will spray the audience with my one of my famous cumshots, so vote for me now and book yourself a front row ticket.

Are you appearing in the show? What should we expect?

I have no plans to this year and would rather enjoy an event for once without the pressures of working #WhiteGurlWasted.

Apart from the stars, music and the live stage shows, why else should fans come along?

What would interest me is the opportunity for the has and stars to mix together in one venue, coming together for the night to interact on a social level and without the separation of a computer scree of pedestal between us.  It’s great for us to be feel appreciated and to reassure the fans that we appreciate their support too.

Robbie John Dean