Hi Heidi! We are really pleased that you’ll be joining the team of SCREW as Door Queen on Saturday.  Do you have big expectations for the night?

Door Queen you say?  LOL!! Let’s go with door whore. That’s much more appropriate. And of course I am expecting big things.  Everything is coming together quite nicely and things are shaping up for a great event.

I am guessing that you’ll preside over the clubs fetish dress code for the event. What gear would you expect to see the queue outside wearing  – and what constitutes a no-no for this party?

Nothing is more important than to wear a smile.  I’ll be there with my bubbly exuberance of course and ready to help strip anyone naked who has arrived without proper fetish gear.

Will there be a changing space inside if clubbers don’t want to wear their fetish in public en-route?

Yes, like all of Jamie’s events, there will be changing spaces inside the club

And what about you: are you fond of fetish yourself? What floats your boat?

I have to admit to a thing about boys in uniform or construction wear. You have been warned.

So will you be dressed in something dazzling on the night?

Of course! I’ll be dressed as a cheerleader, so I’ll be looking to cheer all the guys in sportswear on.

There are an incredible six gay movie stars taking to the stage to perform live for the crowds on Saturday night and we can’t wait to hear what kind of twisted shows the boys have In-store.   Go on, spill the goss…

Sorry, my lips are sealed. You’ll have to come along on the night to see for yourself, but you won’t be disappointed.

Jamie HP and The Hoist London have announced the rooms for this weekend’s party, with the layout of the club including the main dance floor, The Sports Hall, The Dark Maze, The Hoist level and a rubber pool.  If you were not on the door on Saturday night, where in the club would we be most likely to find you?

Oh, don’t expect me to be on the door all night!  I want to get involved in the action on the inside.  And I don’t want to miss the shows. 

Well, when you are on the door, what’s your tipple?

It will be a Diet Coke on tap all night for me…

Once the lights are on Sunday morning and the floor is swept, what else else do you have in store? 

You can find me Djing at The Duke of Wellington every Friday. I also have regular Dj spots at The Village, Rupert St and Martha’s restaurant.

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Robbie John Dean