06/5/2018. Prowler Awards

What have you been up to over the last year?

This past year has been a bit of a rollercoaster for me.  I’ve shot for almost all the companies in the UK and a few abroad too. I love the overseas travel and am always amazed by the requests for me to stencil a paw print on their bodies, which has kind of became my signature. 

I’ve found out more about myself personality wise and sexually, discovering kinks I never new existed, including my puppy mask which I wore for my first ever shoot with Badpuppy.  The scene I filmed was a great spring board for me professionally, since as soon as the scene was a wrap they invited me to m model for there own website and for other studios since they said I had performed really well for a first timer and from that they had been discussing me within the studio space they shared, including to my idol Mikey Taylor who contacted me and inspired my confidence working in porn industry – as fellas coming out of the closet!

Jamie HP is incredibly proud that so many of the performers who appear in his clubs have been nominated for an award this year. How are you feeling about your chances given competition in your categories?

I only have to look at the other nominees and I tremble with nerves about who’s going to win, because even though I’m incredibly confident with my skills and body I’m also my biggest critique and tend to envisage myself as an ‘also ran’, rather than one of the serious contenders.  On the ups side, those nominated are like to be at the awards in person, so if I play my cards right I can always suck them all off in succession.

Have you told your mum that you have nominations?

Oh hell yeah! With my improved confidence I am an open boo, incredibly honest and I find the pre-emptive strike protects me from people slagging me off for things that I have done, for example – because let’s face it I am a bit of a hoe.  Thanks largely to Mikey Taylor’s mentoring, I now have confidence in everything I have done and the things that I am planning to do.  No one will ever make me feel bad for my actions again. 

Have you won any awards before? How does that feel?

I’ve not one any award before except a barman of the year trophy at a venue I used to work at in 2015.  Again, I don’t tend to peg myself above and beyond the other performers. This cautious approach also keeps my expectations under control so that I never set myself up for a fall. But like anyone else I do stand a chance, especially with three nominations under my belt.  Although these took me by complete surprise they were a nice reward for all the physical and mental energy I plough into my work. Never less than 110%.

If not yourself, who would you be placing your bets on to win?

The awards that I would most want to win is the Best Newcomer award as you only have one shot of it. want the most is the newcomer award because I can’t be nominated for it again!  Gabrielle Phoenix won the title in 2017 and says that he generated a busy work schedule off the back of it.  Jeffrey Lloyd is my tip to win this year however, but I am cool with that, especially as he is porn crush of all time.  My money is on that sexy hunk.  UKHotJocks even signed us up for a scene together after learning how disappointed I was that we were not automatically partnered for my initial filming with them. So there you have it: all bets on Jeffrey Lloyd. 

Do you have any other predictions for awards night? 

Squatting over a mirror into my boy pussy in an effort to see the future, when all I can see is a vat full of cum a lot and retained litres of vodka. 

Will you be at the After Party?

Fuck yeah! I’m coming to the After Party.  I too wanna get laid.

Who will you be hanging out with on the night?

Initially my ‘plus one’ and a goodie bag for the night is my flat mate and best friend Ollie who knows a lot of the porn guys, but i reckon I’ll spend 80% of my time catching up with the huge amount of ponies who are on the guest list and the remainder of my time chatting to fans.

Should we expect any naughty behaviour from you on the night?

If you aren’t expecting naughty behaviour why you going to the After Party?

Are you appearing in the live shows? 

Not this time, but I nominate myself as a tribute to any of the sexy guys taking part in the live hardcore action! If you know the boys that JamieHP recruits, you’ll appreciate their love of cock and cum, as well as and being watched.  These guys can make you cum without even touching yourself!

Apart from the stars, the party and the live stage shows that are panned, why else should fans come to the Awards Party?

You must come along because although the night is to celebrate there success of your favourite XXX hoes, it really is an opportunity to meet your own porn idols, when at all other nights of the year you would probably be limited to downloading their performances or streaming through your Apple TV.

Nominations are decided by a panel but the winners voted for by the fans!  The After Party is not just for porn stars but an  experience for you the viewer too!

Robbie John Dean