Myself and Paul realised there a large gap in market for a new mixed down to earth bring your mates, to have a drink and hear good music, dance and then go play in the playrooms if you dare!

At Chav each arch will provide a different experience. The space will transformed for music and dance. The second space will be turned into a big playroom on with all the fantastic playroom equipment supplied by UKRED @ Expectations.

CHAV is a new urban night located in central London in the one of the best clubs in Europe. With its masculine edge the Fire will always be a clubbing institution: it has stood the test of time and is home to be a great sound systems. But I think it’s even more important that people appreciate what Fire has contributed to London’s club life over the past 15 years.

This event will be for the Chav inside you. Scally gear is just encouraged, although there’s no strict dress code. The Best bit is that after dancing to the tunes provided by Paul Coals, you can pop off and have fun in the playroom, If you want a horny night of good music, boys dressed like they just might mug you, then I would certainly recommend you get down to Chav you up for a fight on Boxing Day


The original sexy night for Ladz who like ladz, come down for the eye candy and sexy performers plus… dirty funky House tunes from DJs, Paul Coals and guests… Plus the infamous Amateur strip contest With £100 for the winner and £20 for all entrants, stunning gogo boy dancers and the best crowd in town… Rude Boyz is London’s Horniest attracting a mainly young, sexy and very naughty crowd. The Mirrored rooms at Fire throbs to the upfront funky sounds provided by Paul Coals whilst the rear of the club throbs with horny lads exploring the darkened cruise cave.

Jamie & Paul.