Dungeon Rules


Rules of Domination listed below are to be abided by

Any violation whether it is intentional or unintentional will mean you will be asked to leave immediately and may be removed from the Hoist Private guest list.
Upon entering the premises of Domination, you agree, i.e. you give your non-exceptional full consent to all of these set rules.

01) The subs and the Dungeon Wardens MUST arrive at the Dungeon at least 30 minutes before the Masters. Entrance times will be announced in the email prior to the event.

02) It is not possible to change roles once the night begins.

03) Sub on sub sex in not allowed unless a Master requests it.

04) The following dress code applies: Leather, rubber, army, skin, jock. Boots are compulsory.05) A sub cannot refuse a Master. It must always surrender to the Master and let itself be used.