• The Master uses the subs in any way they deem fit.

• As a Master you must bring any equipment that you require.

• Before the Masters arrive the subs will be on display for inspection, with the hands tied and the heads covered.

• The Master is fee to move around in the Dungeon. He can on arrival fully inspect the bound subs at his leisure. He can have something to drink at the bar while inspecting the quality of the subs (e.g. feeling their bodies, touching their cocks and asses, etc.) and discussing the quality of the offered subs with other Masters.Once having decided on a sub, the Master must ask a Dungeon Warden to untie it for him to take away to be used.

• When finished with a sub, the Master hands it back to a Dungeon Warden.

• A sub cannot refuse a Master, For his guidance the subs will be wearing one or all of the following wristbands.

• The Dungeon wardens are responsible for the subs’ safety. They will ensure that you respect the subs and the safer sex rules

• If the safe word is used any scene must stop immediately.