FWL Horse Fair

“The hottest underground party on the gay scene.”
Always First  Saturday  04/03/2023

Horse Fair It is limited to 150 people.

Advanced tickets will ensure speedier entry, or just come along at the correct time for your role and pay £18 at the door (cash or card).

On the party night, when willing, Mares offer themselves to Stallions without ever showing their faces. It will be one of the most mind-blowing parties you will ever be invited to attend. To fully experience the thrill of this party’s uniqueness, All the rules and laws of the stable must be obeyed in full.

At every event, we get a rich selection of fit, sexy, and handsome gay and bi guys from London and beyond looking to have sex with similar guys in a drug and attitude-free environment.

Participants must make themselves fully aware of the Stable rules and decide in advance whether they want to participate as a Stable Lad, Mare, or Stallion. 

The Mares and the Stable Lads must arrive at night at least 20 minutes before the Stallions. The Mares strip naked. Their hands are bound, and the Stable Lads cover their heads. Mare is given a choice of red (PrEP) or Black (Condom) Hood.

Mares are then taken to the auction room and presented to the Stallions. They thoroughly inspect the bloodstock at their leisure. When a Stallion decides which Mare he wants, he will lead away from the Mare to use as he wishes. When a Stallion finishes with his Mare, he hands the Mare back to a Stable Lad to prepare the Mare once more to be available for the next Stallion in the auction room.

The Hoods, as a Mare, you decide before the event, Red or Black; it will therefore be the responsibility of both the Stallion and the Mare to discuss methods of safer sex before any sexual activity. We understand that many people are now taking PrEP. Free condoms and lube are available for use.

The Stable Master


Kings Cross


🦄 We hope to see you on the first Saturday of the month. Make 2022 one to remember.

🐴  Saddle up for the Horse Fair when it gallops back into London on the 1st Saturday of every month night.

🐴  Horse Fair is where willing Mares give themselves up for auction to a Stallion without ever seeing their faces. The Mare is handed back into the care of a Stable Lad, and the auction will begin again.

 🤙 Advanced tickets will ensure your prompt entry. Tickets will be available at the door.
Please read and understand the strict rules on our website and choose which role you would like to be in before purchasing. Subject to capacity, members can invite guests as long as they are sexy, gay, or bisexual men. We are especially encouraging more tops to come to the party. Your country needs you!

😈 Our notorious Horse Fair is the fetish and role-play club everyone secretly wants to attend. But are YOU brave enough for the stable? ¨The Mares strip naked. Their hands are bound, and their heads are covered by the Stable Lads. Mares are then taken to the auction room and presented to the Stallions, who thoroughly inspect the bloodstock at their leisure. When a Stallion decides which Mare he wants, he will lead away from the Mare to use as he wishes¨
You need to read the strict Rules that will help you get the best club experience and choose the role you want.

We encourage the use of condoms at all our events, and it is totally up to the Mare what they prefer, but we also understand that times have changed, and lots of our customers are now on PrEP. When you arrive, we will ask you which you prefer, and all customers who wish and are on PrEP will get a RED HOOD which makes it very clear to the stallions.

For the event to work so that you arrive on time. Once you have entered the party, you cannot change roles.

🐴  MARES: 🏳️
⏰ Must arrive between 9.00 pm and 9.25pm.
Dress Code: NAKED with RED OR BLACK hood, Boots or Trainers, and a harness if you wish. (You can use Poppers and Cages)

⏰ Must arrive between 8.45 pm and 9:20 pm.
Dress Code:  Sports KIT Shorts, Socks, and Trainers

⏰ Must arrive between 9:25 pm and 9.40 pm.
You mustn't arrive before 9.15pm, so you do not meet the Mares before the event.
Dress Code:  SOMETHING SEXY Leather, jock, Harness, or Shorts.

The horse Fair can be a mind-blowing experience for everyone involved, and February's club event could quickly become your most memorable club night of the year.

Jamie xx

🏳️‍🌈 Our Largest Role play and fetish event
Advanced tickets will ensure of you entry 🏳️ tickets will be available at the door.

📍 The Underground, Central Station, Kings Cross.
📍 The Underground, 37 Wharfdale Road, Kings Cross, N1 9SD
Infamous men's fetish and role-play club