Horse Fair

“The hottest underground party on the gay scene.”

LONDON 1st Saturday
No Need to book in advance, you just come along at the correct time for your role £16 PAY AT THE DOOR CASH OR CARD

This is the party night where willing mares offer themselves to stallions, without ever showing their face. In order to fully experience the thrill of this party’s uniqueness, the rules and laws of the stable auction must be obeyed in full. This will be one of the best mind-blowing parties that you will ever be invited to attend.

At each party we get a group of fit, sexy and handsome, gay or bi guys. This is a highly screened group from London and beyond, for those who want fun with the other, fit, athletic and muscled studs who practice safer-sex and enjoy mixing in a drug and attitude-free, social and sexual environment. We provide free condoms and lube at all our events.

Every participant must be fully aware of the rules and decide in advance whether he wants to take part either as either a Stable Lad, Mare, or Stallion. On the night, the Mares and Stable Lads must arrive at least 20 mins before the Stallions. The Mares are then striped naked, hands bound and heads covered all by the Stable Lads. They are then taken into the auction room and presented to the Stallions from them to fully inspect the bloodstock at their leisure. When a Stallion decides which Mare he wants, he will lead the Mare off to use has he wishes. When a Stallion finishes with his Mare, he hands the Mare back to the Stable Lad, so he can prepare the mare once more to make him available for the next stallion in the auction room.

The Stable Master