Horse Fair Rules

In order to fully experience the thrill of this party’s sensational uniqueness, rules of the stable listed as follow, are to be abided by. To guarantee the quality of the party the stable auction holds the right of refusal for the following reasons

• If you are highly under the influence of alcohol,
• If you are clearly under the influence of drugs,
• If you do not maintain a standard minimum of personal hygiene,
• If you are extremely overweight or the classic “pushy darkroom grabber type”

We have nothing against fit attractive mature guys who look after themselves they always will be very welcome, but we will insist upon ensuring a certain standard, a certain quality, i.e. body build/physique-, overall appearance, age and hygiene acceptable to all participants involved. We are certain that you know and understand what we mean.

You must be fully aware of our rules before you attend the party. Any violation whether it is intentional or unintentional will mean you will be asked to leave the party immediately and may be removed from the Hoist Private guest list. Upon entering the premises of the The Stable, you agree, i.e. you give your non-exceptional full consent to all of these set rules.

01) The Mares and the Stable Lads MUST arrive at the stable at least 60 minutes before the Stallions arrive. Details entrance times will be announced in the email prior to the event

02) It is not possible to change roles once the night begins! Mare and stallions cannot change their roles once they enter the stable.

03) Mare-on-mare sex and stallion-on-stallion sex is not allowed! This will lead to Immediate expulsion from the party, and possibly from further parties as well. If you are caught not obeying this rule or any of these rules, you will be asked to leave immediately

04) Shoes or boots are compulsory, personal items and clothes are to be given to the cloakroom team

05) It’s your party Stallions LEATHER, JOCK, HARNESS, SHORTS, its up to you something really macho and sexy. The Stallions can always undress and be naked to participate in the stable.

06) The Stallions are only allowed to enter the stable once told to do so by the Stable Master

07) A Mare cannot refuse a stallion, must always surrender to him and let himself be mounted.

08) The Stallion mounts and uses the Mares as he pleases (ALWAYS SAFE SEX). We emphasise that in the case of infringement of the safer sex rules (or should any grievous bodily harm of any sort be done), we will press criminal charges and insist upon the further pursuit of the matter in a court of law. In clear and plain English: when it comes down to safety, we mean serious business. THE STABLE LAD IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE MARES’ SAFTEY. THE STABLE LAD MUST ENSURE THAT THE STALLIONS RESPECT THE MARE, THE SAFE WORD AND THE SAFER SEX RULE ALWAYS.

09) Making phone calls, taking photograph pictures, making sound or video recordings, removing the mares’ blindfolds

10) Most importantly HAVE A FUCKING HORNY TIME!

If you cannot agree to any of these rules of the stable, then this is not a party for you. Please do not come and waste your time and money.