The role of the Mare to be used by the Stallion in anyway they deem fit.

  • All mares have to strip completely and give their clothes to the cloakroom team. boots or trainers are compulsory – only socks, cock-rings and/or harness may be kept on
  • After the you are ready, the stable lads will bound your hands, and a place cotton sacs over your head to ensure that the stallions go unrecognised for the entire evening
  • During the entire evening, the stable lads will attend to your needs (bringing drinks, providing condoms and lube, toilet break, etc.)
  • The stable lads are employed to administer to all your needs, care, overall welfare and safety. In the case you need a break, you are taken to a side room by a stable lad, where you can fully recuperate from the physically strenuous, energetic activity
  • The stable lad will bring you into the stable auction to await the stallions. You can be standing, lying, kneeling or positioned on all fours
  • The stallions are free to move around the stable auction room. They can have something to drink at the bar, inspect the quality of all the live stock (feel your body, touch your cock and ass etc.)
  • Once a stallion has decided to take you, he will ask the stable lad to untie you so he can take you away to be used – in a stall, sling, mattress – that’s up to the stallion.
  • You cannot refuse a stallion, you must always surrender to him and let yourself be used
  • The stallion will use you as he pleases (ALWAYS SAFER SEX)
  • When the stallion has finished with you, he will ask you to take the Mare back to its stable. The Mare is then free for use by the other stallions
  • Under no circumstances, nor at any time is your blindfold to be removed! It is forbidden for you to see or to even risk a peek. No exceptions made! A breach in this rule (i.e. intentionally or unintentionally violating this rule) leads to an immediate expulsion from the party, possibly from further parties as well. You will be asked to leave
  • Once the other Mares have been used and none of the Stallions have any use for you, the Stallions may leave the stable. Only once every Stallion has gone, are the Stable Lads allowed to uncover your head, so you can get dressed and leave
  • If you wish to leave the party earlier, a Stable Lad need to take you, with your head still covered to the Mares’ dressing-room. You then leave by the stables still blindfolded, without coming into any visual contact with any of the Stallions and/or see the happenings of the auction