Stable Lad

Your job is to care for the Mare and assist the Stallion in his desires with the Mare and prepare the Mare once the stallion is finished to be used again. It is also the responsibility for the safety of the Mares at all times in the auction and must ensure that all the Stallions respect the mare, the safe sex rule and the safe word.

  • After the Mares are ready, you bound the hands, and place cotton sacs over the Mares’ heads to ensure that the Stallions go unrecognised for the entire evening
  • During the entire evening, you will attend to the needs of the Mares (bringing drinks, providing condoms and lube, toilet break, etc.)
  • You are employed to administer to all the Mares’ needs, care, overall welfare and safety. In the case a Mare needs a break, the Mare is taken to a side room, where it can fully recuperate from the physically strenuous, energetic activity
  • Once a Stallion has decided upon a Mare, he will ask you to untie the Mare so he can lead the Mare away for it to be mounted – in a stall, sling, mattress – that’s up to the Stallion
  • When the Stallion has finished, he will ask you to take the Mare back to its stable. The Mare is then free for use by the other stallions
  • Once the Mares have been used and none of the Stallions have any use for them, the Stallions may leave the stable. Only once every Stallion has gone, are you allowed to uncover the Mares’ heads, so they can get dressed and leave
  • If a Mare wishes to leave the party earlier, you need to take this Mare, with their head still covered to the Mares’ dressing-room. The Mare then leave by the stables still blindfolded, without coming into any visual contact with any of the Stallions and/or see the happenings of the auction