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Stark Bollock Naked

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South Lambeth Place & Parry Street
Vauxhall London SW8 1RT


LIVE PERFORMERS take to the stage every week at 5 pm.
Live insatiable hot performers, only at SBN. Sunday’s busiest naked club will be throbbing with over 450 NAKED MEN filling the dance floor, with plenty more exploring the bespoke play space by UKRed, made up of over 15 tons of iron and steel and spanning an area of 3500 sq ft. Top club DJs provide the sounds on rotation. Don’t miss what is shaping up to be one of the UK’s hottest gay club sessions this Year.
Stark Bollock Naked is the Sunday dance and fetish club attracting over 450 of the hottest guys every week to its home at UNION in Vauxhall.

As clubbers check their clothes in at the door, enviable DJs command the dance floor playing tribal beats and commercial sounds. Elsewhere in the club, guys explore the enormous dark room and play area, expertly equipped by the #UKRed.

Near Bollock Naked for guys into pants, briefs or jocks join the in with the fun and party through until ten. Underwear fetish club NBN joins in with the SBN action at 5 pm when guys can wear briefs, jocks, and leather straps.

The hot boys wouldn’t go anywhere less.

Entry is £18 members and £20 guests, although you can save money by claiming your free membership online

SBN & NBNADVANCED Queue jump tickets

SBN – How it works

Security check

When you first arrive at SBN, you will be first met by security.  You may be asked a few simple questions to establish you are in the correct place and you understand the type of club that SBN is.  Regularly attendees, as door staff become familiar with them, will not be asked such questions. 

All customers must consent to a bag search (where applicable) and a body search (rub down).  This is a condition of entry and anyone refusing will not be permitted to entry to SBN.

You will be provided with a black bag for storing your clothing once inside, unless you have your own bag to use as an alternative.

Some things to remember:

  • Anyone found in possession of a weapon will be immediately banned from the event and the police may be called.
  • Anyone found in possession of recreational drugs will be immediately banned from the event and the drugs placed into a sealed bag and placed into the clubs drug safe which is collected by the police.
  • Anyone found in possession of prescription medications will be questioned medic in private as to the nature and use of the medication. In the event there is potential for misuse, or any other concern, medication will be confiscated and then returned upon exit from the venue.  A receipt will be provided for any items confiscated.
  • Anyone alcohol (open or sealed) or any other open liquids will be confiscated and returned upon exit from the venue. A receipt will be provided for any items confiscated.
  • Minimum age for entry is 18. Anyone believed to be under the age of 25 will be asked to show identification confirming age.
  • Entry will be refused for anyone believed to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. The decision of the senior door supervisor in this matter will be final.


Due to current government guidance regarding the safe operation of nightclubs SBN door policy will be amended as follows:

All guests must show one of the following as a condition of entry:

  • NHS COVID pass
  • NHS App showing full positive vaccination status
  • A positive COVID antibody certificate.

We cannot permit entry who has test positive for COVID or to anyone with cold or flu like symptoms, a continuous cough, or who has lost their sense of taste or smell.

We appreciate that this will not be, for some people, a positive measure, but in order to allow free movement and close contact within the venue, some additional measures do need to be in place. Your safety is our paramount concern.


Once past door checks you will proceed to the cashier, where you will be asked if you have an advanced ticket.  If you have pre-booked a ticket online, please have either your mobile phone with your email confirmation with QR code, or paper copy of your ticket to hand to avoid unnecessary hold-ups. 

If you have not bought an advanced ticket, you will be asked if you are a member of non-member (members received text and/or email correspondence from Jamie HP).  Your admission fee will be dependant on whether you are a member of non-member.  Please have you cash, card or other electronic payment device to hand to avoid delays.

You will then be offered the option of a complimentary drink voucher, or a complimentary bottle of poppers.

A wristband will then be fixed to your wrist confirming you have a valued entry into the club.

Coat check.

Before entering the man part of the club you must check all your clothes into the coat check.  This is not optional.  SBN is a naked club and it is a condition of entry that you are naked.  There is no additional charge for use of the coat check.

Once in the coat check area remove all of your clothes and place them in the bag you have been provided with, or if you prefer, your own bag.  If you choose to bring your own bag it does help reduce waste, which better for the environment, which we are always keen to do.

Check your bag in with the coat check staff who will give your bag a unique number and will then write that number of the wristband you were given upon entry.

Some things to remember:

  • Keep your shoes on
  • Take with you any money/ bank cards you will need to buy drinks etc.
  • If you intend to smoke. Either take your cigarettes with you, or hand them (separately to you bag) to the coat check staff who will keep them safe for you.
  • If you have urgent phone calls to make or receive and will need access to your phone, ask the coat check staff to store your phone separately.

Small plastic money bags are available at the coat check to store your cash or bank cards.  Do not take out more money that you need.  Cash and other values secured in your bag will be safe.

Should you need to return to your bag to get extra money or other things you need, you are permitted to do so within reason.  If there is a long queue of people waiting the check their bags in, or out, you may be asked to wait until the queue has eased though.


Footwear must be worn at all times within the venue for reasons on hygiene and health and safety reasons.  Flip flops are not permitted

Free Condoms and Lube. SBN has a plentiful supply of condoms and lube located throughout the club at a number of condom & lube stations.  If you are having any difficulty in finding them, any member of staff will be able to assist you in locating a condom & lube station.  If you wish to take a few extra for use at home (or elsewhere) please feel free to do so.

STI testing

Confidential STI & HIV testing is regularly provided on site at SBN.  You may be approached while at the club by one of our colleagues from GMI Team, who can talk through the various tests they offer.  The service is quick, easy and confidential, and carried out at the venue.  Results are then provided by SMS text. 

There is no obligation to be tested out course, and you will not be pressured to do so.


A small smoking is provided at the front of the venue.  Smoking gowns are provided for you to use when in the smoking area.  Nudity is not permitted inside the smoking area

Mobile phones

The privacy of our guests is extremely important and so mobile phones are not permitted within the main area of the club.  If you are caught with a mobile phone you may be asked to show recent photos taken or videos recorded, to check you have not been taking illicit images or recording of other guests.  You will then be asked to leave the venue.


The bar needs little explanation, Drinks can be purchased using your complimentary drinks voucher, cash, card, or other electronic payment device.  Payment using your mobile phone are not permitted.

Bar staff will have no problems with nudity, but please remember they do not want to see you being more intimate as the bar.  Kissing is absolutely fine, but there are plenty of other areas around the club, if anything more is going on.

Sensible drinking is permitted.  Be mindful of your own limits though.  The club is dark and can be a dangerous place if you have consumed too much alcohol.  If staff have concerns that you are drinking too much, bar staff will not serve you further alcohol.

New to the club

If its your first time visiting SBN, its great to have you join us.

Once inside the venue it can be a little intimidating if you have not been to a club like SBN before.  The first thing you may notice that is different from other clubs, aside from everyone being naked, is that it is very dark.  You may find it helpful to take a wander round initially to discover the different areas and what is going on where. 

If you’re already naked you will have found the coat check.  There are toilets, the bar, a smoking area, and various different play areas, as well as quieter areas where you can sit or stand and chat.  Familiarise yourself also with the exits.

Although there is absolutely no obligation to do so, sex is permitted on the premises, on the condition that it is consensual between both/ all parties.  If you have not been to a club like SBN previously, this may be very new to you, so try to take things slowly at first.  Do not do anything you feel unsure or uncomfortable with.  If you just want to socialise and enjoy the music that’s great, that’s what many people do.  If you want to be more intimate with someone, and they do to, then that’s great as well.

If you’re struggling to find your way around, need help with anything, feel uncomfortable about anything or anyone, or have any issue or problems that are concerning you, please do not hesitate to speak to a member of staff.

All staff at the venue want you to have a great time, and to want to come back again and again, so please don’t feel uncomfortable speaking to anyone of the team.  All staff are in radio contact with each other, so if you speak to one of the staff team and they need a colleague to better help you out, let them worry about that.  If you’re having problems, or see anyone else having any sort of problems, grab a staff member and they will help.

You may see our security staff about the venue, during your visit.  Security staff are there to help you have a great day, not to stop you having one, so don’t be afraid to ask them for help with anything either.

Not so new to the club

Pretty much the same applies.  If you’ve been before and come back again you’re probably pretty comfortable with the things you saw on your previous visit(s). 

Remember though as venues change from time to time, that getting your bearings is important so please always take a bit of time to do so.

Same cautions apply in relation to any intimate contact with other guests.  Remember as well that you may be comfortable and familiar with how the club works, but other people may be less so. 

If you see anything you have concerns about, please notify a member of staff immediately.


Play room.

The play room is set up in the maze are of the main room of the club.  You can cruise through, you can stand around watching other people, or you can be more intimate.  Some areas of the play room are more open that others.  As you wander through you’ll discover there are multiple entry and access point, and condom and lube stations are close to hand.  These are checked and replenished regularly.  The playroom is equipped with a number of slings.

The play room is an area for you to have fun in.  Please remember though that all sex must be consensual.  Remember also that we all enjoy different things and some people have more or less experience than others.  Its sometimes good to explore news things but this has to be by mutual consent.   You cannot coerce others into doing things they are not comfortable with, and similarly no one can coerce you into doing anything you are not comfortable with.

If you are concerned for your own well-being speak to a member of staff immediately.  If you are concerned about the well being of someone else speak to the person you have concerns about and check they are okay or speak directly to a member of staff who can check out everything is okay.  If someone asks you if you are okay, and you are not, be sure to let them know.

Bear in mind also that some people having sex, love to have an audience watching their performance, but equally, others prefer an altogether more private encounter.  Please be mindful of the wishes of others.

The playroom seems like a lot of dos and don’ts but in reality most, if not all of it, is common sense

Don't assume you can touch - wait for the guy to invite you to join.

If you do touch immediately follow it with a request for permission to continue and stop if the answer is no.

Don't interrupt - if guys are playing wait for them to give you permission

To join. Also please no talking if you are an immediate bystander to guys that are playing - it's more than a bit distracting !!!!

No pushiness - we find that the guys who are polite and non-pushy end up having the most fun!

To conclude

We want you to have a great time when you’re with us, but we want you to be safe and comfortable, and we want those around you to be safe and comfortable.  If you’re not, or you feel that others are not, then we need to know as soon as possible in order that we can take appropriate action to remedy the situation.

Coming to the party doesn't mean you 'have to' participate in anything you're not comfortable with, nor are you expected to do anything, except to be respectful to others, Have a great time!

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