Sports Party

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H-Partyboys Private 18-40
Sports & this Saturday’s Pool Party
Come and play in Covent Gdn

This Saturday 10th February, 7.30pm

H-Partyboys return this weekend for sports themed event when you can expect over 150 gorgeous lads 18-40 fooling around and partying in their sports shorts, swim gear, jockstrap. or just their towel. There are some stunning guys that attend regularly, but you don’t need to be picture-perfect to nab yourself an invitation.

Due to loads of requests from you guys the H-Partyboys pool party is now also on the second Saturday of the month for all the guys who keep saying they can’t make it because of work the last Sports pool party event was really really busy

H-Partyboys organize the best facilities available to host their events and have a long-standing relationship with one of London’s most stylish spas, situated in Covent Garden.
Fully-equipped with a pool, showers, cabins and rest areas, there is also a licensed bar. mixing-up house in the main social area.

To let H-Partyboys know you would like an invitation, visit
Saturday 10th February 7.30pm. The Stable, 29 Endell Street, Covent Garden.
Entry is £15 including first drink and coat check.
Please bring a towel

Please try to arrive between 8.45 pm and 10.45 pm (if you’re going to late just text the security team and they will arrange for the doors to opened for you 07795 198280 doors close (130am)

Everyone is allowed to bring guests, as long as they fit the H-Partyboys party brief 18-40 sexy and fit

Jamie xx


The Stable 29 Endell St London WC2 9BA 9 pm – 2 am £15. Includes coat check and first drink.