Hi Oscar, 2017 saw you setting down new roots and other changes in your life. What have you been up to?

The last year saw me move to the UK as my main place of home before focusing on building myself a stable porn career in Europe, shaping myself as a performer and carefully selecting a number of appropriate partners to position me where I want to be, both sexually and according to my core values. 

I have worked with over 10 studios and met a lot of porn stars over the last 12 months, many of which I admire and enjoyed getting to know professionally. 

I have really enjoyed having the opportunity to work with the guys I used to watch on screen in the movies before I moved into the industry. It’s been a great experience personally and exceptionally hot sexually too!

I cannot single out one scene partner that I have worked with but I have fulfilled one of my personal dreams of meeting Damien Crosse, who has long been an idol of mine.  

I have occasionally featured as a live performer in London, playing out for an audience of JamieHP at his clubs SBN or OUT.

So this year is your first experience of award ceremonies?

Yes,,I will not be at The Prowler Porn Awards but I did achieve success at Hustlaball Berlin when “Loaded by a Polish Guy” by Eric Videos won the award for Best Group Scene, which a was a part of. I will be crossing my fingers for my friends Jessy Karson, Aymeric Deville and Viktor Rom on the night.

So when will we be seeing you again?

Sooner than expected, probably!  As I write, I am on vacation in Berlin but I will be back performing at Stark Bollock Naked on Sunday 6th May and then again in Vauxhall the following Friday for a solo striptease piece at Protocol’s OUT, which is part of the Fire nightclub complex, with more dates to announce later on in the year.

Robbie John Dean