Paddy Looses his Cherry and Planed More Scenes as a Bottom

A decade ago Paddy O´Brian was without question one of Britain´s biggest gay porn stars, yet he was totally straight.  Very confident his own sexuality after topping the fittest guys in the industry at the time for the likes of Raging Stallion, Falcon, Lukas Entertainment and in the then new UKNakedMen release Dark Dreams.  Now Paddy has offered his hot Irish-EastEnd ass up for the first time, proudly loosing his cherry on  He we publish his interview with Dirtyboyz at the time and have invited him to let us know what has happened to him over the last 10 years.

What´s been the best thing about being porn star so far

The best thing about porn has to be the experiences being flown around some of the most beautiful parts of the world. The places I visit inspire me so much and not forgetting the people I have met from top pornstars and directors, photographers and fans. It’s hard to explain to be honest. I’m from Hackney and very street-wise but when you are out of the city and in a different world it makes you realise what’s important and it truly does give you some crazy strength.

You are straight and very confident and relaxed with your sexuality. What was your first gay sex scene like?
Yes I am 100% straight and very comfortable; you got it spot on. My first sex scene with a man…hmmmm? Let me just say I was fucking shitting myself. Not cos it was a man just the fact I didn’t have a fucking clue what I was doing and I was nervous plus knew I wanted to make it look real. I’m a real naughty man who has watched porn since I was 11. I found myself whilst doing porn. I wanted to show myself and the world I could be anything I wanted to be from modelling to an Anne Summers’ calendar and to getting in this month’s 100 Sexiest Attitude men, with real celebrities and athletes, popping up at number 72 it makes me proud of the world I’m in and happy to have all the great gay friends I have too.

You have done so many scenes as a top fucking many of the fittest asses on the planet like Trenton Ducatti, Kyle King, Jonathan Agassi. What makes a good top?

To be a good top you need to be a true animal and know how to fuck, pump and shake them hips and hit that spot. It’s not all about slamming it in – which I do a lot hard and deep. I just look in my partner’s eyes and know when he’s liking what I’m doing. It’s all about stamina too and a good thrust and you need a decent-sized cock too. Power as a top really gets me off!

You have just completed your first scene as a bottom for and we are so pleased that your first interview about this is
with Dirtyboyz. What made you decide to flip on film?

That is correct, you can see me lose my ass cherry on my (now invalid) – which I’m always updating for you lot – sitting on fit-as-fuck Topher DiMaggio’s huge 8-incher which really made my little pucker hole stretch. What made me do it? It was only a matter of time and I knew a lot of people wanted to see my bum being taken the better of. It was a big decision for me because I know I broke some hearts and maybe I ruined their fantasy of just seeing me as a pure top or straight guy. But I wanted to do it for those who wanted to see it and I thought it was about time to give you all something you all thought I’d never do. Hehehe, told ya I’m naughty!

Would you do more scenes as a bottom?

I would do more scenes as a bottom if my fans wanna see it and I know a couple of studios I’d love to do it for. I’m sure they know if they read this, and of course a couple of tops I know I would like to experience too. Should I sit on more cock on
film let me know on my twitter @paddyobrian86 or blog, and who in particular. 

What sort of porn do you like to watch when jacking off?

I think I’d scare my fans if I told them.   Remember it’s what I like. I like wet, dripping pussies, I like the noise, I like to watch girls, finger themselves.

What is your opinion about the ‘gay for pay’ debate?

Well it’s obviously what I am. There shouldn’t even be a ‘gay for pay’ terminology in my opinion. I start from another position; I am Catholic, do you think my family would disown me for sex before marriage, let alone if they find out I was doing gay porn?So if people have problems with me doing gay for pay then they should maybe check their priority list. I can also understand it couldn’t have been easy coming out and admitting you’re gay in the past because of religion and society saying it’s wrong. Remember be yourself, be happy and fuck what anyone else thinks. No-one’s hurting anyone doing gay for pay. It’s a job, if you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

What the difference between working straight and gay porn?

Of course the money for a guy is much better in gay porn than straight and some gay fans do like to see straight guys at play with men, it seems to be a huge fantasy. I have of course done many straight porn films but the guys are treated like cocks for hire often without even showing his face as it is of course the girls who sell those films and become the stars which as a fully paid up straight guy I appreciate. The most I have ever been paid in straight porn is £300 for a day’s work in the saddle.

You have worked for many American studios, what’s it like on a big American set?

Well they really know what they’re doing; they got the sun, the properties, the locations, the hottest guys to plough and you’re treated with huge respect. It’s a bit like having a holiday at the same time with some acting and ass-play thrown in. Many of the American directors are legends in the industry and I continually learn so much from all of them. I will always continue to support and do as much work in the UK industry as possible too. The American companies do seem to like the
British accent in their films and I give them the full aggro Cockney every time and they continue to book me.

Are there any directors or studios you would still like to work for?

Too many! I don’t even know half of them yet. I would love to work with Titan, Stag Homme and I have heard great things about Mr Pam as a director and, of course, I would love to do more stuff with Michael Lucas in New York.

You recently performed at the London Hustlaball, what did you do on stage there and do you like performing live sex shows?

I love doing live performances. I strip with my best mate Paul Walker who is also making his name in gay porn now and we did a lot of nastiness on the Hustlaball stage. It was great to be so close to the fans and also meet many of my idols and fellow professionals backstage and get lots of ideas for future shows and private parties. Trenton Ducatti was so great to watch as he really commands the stage.

Arguably your biggest film is Raging Stallion’s ‘The Woods’, what do you recall about your scene there with Marcus Ruhl? Marcus was hot and has such a fuckable ass. I had forgotten about that scene but I remember it like?
Yesterday. It was directed by Tony DiMarco. I love this man, he is so good to shoot with; in fact I have never had anything but a great time on a Raging Stallion set. They relax you so much that you can just concentrate on the hole in front of
you. The whole movie was fun. I was horny and Marcus is a big man so I had to pump extra hard to show who’s boss, but he learnt; it was one of my faves.

Do you escort? 

Let’s just say if you follow me, and ask me nicely, and I feel it’s something I am comfortable to do, of course it will happen. Remember I might come across all grrrrrr and laddish but I have a heart too so don’t be shy. You may just be
invited to blow me or more. If you offer me money to suck me off the
answer is probably going to be yes, which applies to women too of course.

Many directors call you a quiet professional performer but my personal experience is that you have a very loud outgoing personality. Is there two Paddy O’Brian’s out there?

A lot of studios say I am a professional performer and a little crazy. Let’s just say, I know when work’s work and when it’s time to behave. I am a fun lively person. I know how to get a party goinGbut never judge a book by its
cover. Of course there is another side to Paddy O’Brian, I got about 10 different personalities to be honest. I gotta nice side, and I’m half Irish so that’s my temper, and then there’s my naughty side – seems filmography – my shy side, my
confident side and my ass-fucking side.

You have a very laddish image do
you play up to that?

Hehehe, that would be telling! You can take the lad out of Hackney but….. and you can take the lad out of Ireland but…. I know where I have come from and I am proud ofit and let’s face it fans want to see guys like themselves get it on often, rather than perfectly coiffed twinks or over inflated musclemen – with me you always get the real deal.

What are your thoughts about drugs around the scene?

Don’t get me started please. I am not an angel and have smoked cannabis since was 14. I have had to stop-start all my life. It’s
the one enjoyable habit I have to fight. I have got an addictive personality and have experimented with some drugs. It’s the world we live in and London is covered with drugs both on and off the scene.  I honestly think it’s dangerous and I deffo don’t support it. Drugs lead to naughty encounters and then unprotected sex happens or other dangerous situations. Just be safe and look after your health. I’ve been going to the gym for 10 years. That’s the only drug I need to be honest and sex, grrrrrrr…. it’s a lot healthier trust me. It has also been so sad to see how many drug- related deaths there has been in the gay adult industry.

What have you got coming up?

I am so happy with my first bottoming scene and there are several topping scenes to be
released shortly around my various studios. There is so much coming from me this year (2013) and I have so many ideas outside of the box. I want to make some really dirty sleazy movies. I want to do some more toy scenes and keep my cock balls deep as often as possible for my fans both on film and online. Who knows, you’ll have to just wait and see but I am not going to retire quietly back to the EastEnd for a very long while.

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