Hi Lee, you are usually one of the busiest gay London DJs until, like many of us, much of your work was cruelty wiped away by when we entered lock down. How many gigs have you seen disappear from your schedule since lockdown began?

Yes, it’s been very stressful. Being a full time DJ for 25 years and then suddenly your career is put on hold was crazy for me. I was very worried at the beginning but things have fallen into place. I get to only do this gig for TFN every week and soon I will do a live stream, but that’s about it for playing gigs. I make up for that by producing my podcasts still and keeping the music alive.

We’re any of them major gigs or one offs that will be rescheduled for a later date, or have you just has to write the last few months off completely? Are there any parties that you are sad not to have gone ahead? 

Everything is a write off, I hope the promoters do reschedule because when the lockdown is lifted there is going to be a huge number of people who want to party!

How have you been filling the time since lockdown began? Have you had the opportunity to get creative or do you have other work such as producing that you can work on from home?

I’ve been making podcasts and edits, plus its giving me a chance to sort out my collection and get organised, I’m podcasting more than usual as I know people really love the mixes and I’m not live-streaming yet, its currently being planned for the bank holiday

You’re quite a buff looking bloke these days. A bit of a pin-up for many! How are you managing to keep in shape? Have you been working out at home, making the most of the permitted exercise time outdoors, or have you been isolating yourself in your retreat?

Hahaha thank you (goes red) 😉 I really miss the gym, I usually go 5-6 times a week and luckily I now have my resistance bands to work out in front of the TV to the ACHV peak youtube channel mainly because I like the guy who trains you and you can see his cock bouncing around in his shorts.. plus I get to learn how to use the bands properly as I keep getting my chest hair caught in the elastic haha. Plus my right arm is bigger at the moment I’ve no idea why.

Many people are finding things tight financially at the moment and have been seeking out ways to make the pennies go further. Have you discovered any cost cutting hacks during lockdown to stretch your weekly finances, or have you had to live without some of your guilty pleasures?

I’ve only bought food and paid my bills, I’m really lucky to work for SBN TFN as these parties have really helped the people who work for the group and its a great idea. Without that I’d be bored and even more broke. I’ve bought no luxuries at the moment but I’m open to any moment making ideas at the moment. I might even go back to porn but I’m comfortable at the moment and chilled. 

Can you see the recent changes to government advice having any significant changes on the way that you have been living your life?

I think when this is all over life will never be normal. Clubs and bars will be restricted and even on apps people will be more cautious for the rest of the year at least.

What do you miss most about the ‘old normal’?

I miss the crowds in front of me when I DJ, and I miss sex.. a lot haha. I’m quite a private person and I love my own company so being alone isn’t a problem but I would like to have some decent barbecues this summer with my friends

You are currently DJing every Saturday for Jamie HP and his virtual club #TFN, Totally Fekkin Nude, one of five daring club brands broadcasting regularly by Jamie at the moment. How did you get involved in this new craze and what type of music do you play there?

He asked me and the time, I didn’t think it would be fun, then I had a think and said I’d try it out and I was hooked. When I’m doing at SBN at union I don’t get to chat to people but being behind a computer, you can be confident and free to do what you want so it’s a very different experience. And I’m really enjoying the vibe on the parties at the moment and I hope when I’m back at SBN they will at least say hello in the club 🙂

Have you gone online as a customer and visited one of Jamie’s virtual parties yourself yet? What did you think?

I’m practically a customer when I DJ at the parties anyway. But I’ll say no more about that 

Unlike your previous residency as Dj for one of Jamie’s other club brands, #SBN, where you had to physically play in front of hundreds of naked clubbers every week, you perform your set for TFN in the comfort of your own bedroom. Are you ever tempted to join in the spirit of the event and perform your TFN sets totally in the buff? Perhaps you already do?

Luckily in the club I get to wear shorts, sometimes they come off if I’m in the mood and it’s the same online. At the end of the day I have needs too, but it’s hard work trying to mix tracks in the bedroom and enjoy myself, but yeah it does happen. And why not? The vibe is great, the guys are nice and many are really hot and I’m only human haha

Virtual TFN gives the user the chance to perform to a group and be the star of the show! For someone who has never tried online clubbing with Jamie HP before, including some who are not used to using their webcam for connecting with other guys, why would you recommend virtual clubbing for gay men right now? Does everyone online have to be an extrovert? * 

All kinds of gay guys of are trying virtual clubbing. Plenty of younger guys especially. At TFN everyone is starkers! * Very low cost access, sexy, sociable etc. Easy to use and private. Log in from your bedroom on any device. * Perform on cam, watch or chat with others. You can meet new guys and make connections for later. * Hear me play! The best music on a Saturday night at TFN. * For anyone who has partied with Jamie HP before, this is a flavor of or bigger club events.

TFN is a party for men to meet other men. On a scale of 1 to 10, how hot is virtual clubbing for those ready to enjoy and make the most of it? 

It can go from a 1 to a 10 in minutes, every party I’ve played so far has been a lot of fun and I’m happy and satisfied at the end, as for the future? Nothing beats having the flesh in front of you

Once lockdown has been eased and we are all able to travel and work more freely, we expect to see your face again in gay venues at home and abroad. In the meantime where can fans of you and your music keep up with any new goings on, mashes and other media you have made. We hear that you are developing your own App? * List various social medía, SoundCloud etc 

Yes you can listen to various mixes on my soundcloud

Plus my podcast on iTunes ‘HouseNation UK Lee Harris’ you can search and subscribe to, plenty of styles to choose from, from deep and dirty to hard and pounding. Just like a night with me 😉