Hi Max! You are part of the sexy, muscular duo (Max – Spanish, Roni – Italian, I believe) that have been associated with Jamie HP Events for a while now, performing LIVE shows in venues before lockdown and more recently for the virtual editions of #Screw and 

You look great together. Are you a couple in real life?

Max Duran: Yes, we are. #RoniYarz is my boyfriend and we met in Torremolinos, Malaga last summer. He was working in with the circus. We live together in Spain and will be celebrating our first anniversary in July. 

Have you worked together on films as well as teaming up for live shows?

M: We have appeared in two movies together which are only available online and are just finishing a third.

Do you still perform separately or only as a pair?

M: I still have my own film work, but Roni only features with me. We only perform ‘live’ together as a pair. Performing is our main source of income.

The lockdown has been strictly imposed internationally, preventing you from appearances, sticking to film commitments and meeting with the studios to plan future work. This must have hit you hard?

M: Yes, on many levels. We have lost every booking since 14th March and it looks unlikely that we’ll be able to claw the work back. We want to work, but just like so many others we just have to sit here and wait. Although we have been making plans for the future…

The world is predicted to be a different place from now on. Is there much you will miss about the ‘old normal’, or are you focusing on the new opportunities ahead?

M: We cannot change the past, but we can change what we’ve been doing; In particular we have been training hard every day, on stunts mainly, to produce a whole new show to reveal.

Jamie HP’s virtual parties came about as a way to keep the fetish communities connected whilst venue’s couldn’t open. Without walls they have quickly broadened their appeal to an even wider audience, including overseas.

How did you become involved in Jamie HP’s virtual events? 

M: I already knew Jamie from his clubs and working together on #SexCircus. The virtual parties sounded like a great idea to raise people’s spirits and help overcome isolation, which can be damaging to some. Using the internet and your web cam seems like an obvious solution now, but Jamie was the first fetish promoter to adapt.

So, where do you make your shows? 

M: We cant film on location because of the lockdown so we’ve been filming from home. Using technology that we already had and a little imagination, we found that we already had the perfect set up for streaming to virtual events. When we are ready to perform, we simply log on on line like everyone else.

Is it just the two of you or is there anyone else in the room at the time?

M: No, it’s just my boy and me. We don’t need an audience in the room to have fun.

Is there much interaction between yourselves and the online audience?

M: Yes, definitely! We receive a lot of compliments which we can see in real time on our screen: Sexy… Horny etc’ rather than a list of demands, so we must be doing something right!  If we can we respond in our own little ways;-)

Which of the two clubs you perform for do you relate to most, Screw or SBN?

M: I will always have SBN close to my heart as whenever I go to London I always perform there. The atmosphere rocks. Screw is perfect for us as a couple as it’s more our ‘thing’. 

Have you logged on to one of Jamie’s virtual parties as if you were a customer yourself?

M: Yes, I have. It’s great in there. Lots of hot guys and just the right ‘look snd feel’ for a fetish club.

The Group room can get pretty busy around show time. Do you ever stay online after your show has finished?

M: Haha, yes we do! Keep an eye out for us after the show and send us a message if you want?

What words of encouragement would you offer someone considering stepping their toe in the water and trying a virtual party for the first time?

M: Once online, do not hesitate to discover the party. It will certainly like you and your in for a good time.

Who goes virtual clubbing anyway?

M: All sorts of people, from the curious first timer to familiar faces who have been going to the venues for years. 

Why would you recommend virtual clubbing sessions of Screw and SBN to gay men sitting at home?

M: Both events are full of like minded guys all looking for fun. The dress code creates a sense of belonging it, whether it be fetish or naked, so you won’t feel alone. Dj Aamyko Iddiols who plays both events is amazing and the live performances are hot. 

On a scale of 1 to a hundred, how hot will your performance be?

M: Oh, 150 degrees for certain. Totally off the scale! 

You must be building up quite a fan base from Jamie HP followers now. Where else can they read more about what you and access your content online?

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