Screw – NEW EVENT REVIEW – Collaboration between Jamie HP and The Hoist

31/08/19: Screw is a new collaboration from fetish party starters Jamie HP and The Hoist London – that’s what we like to see! Division is so unhelpful. What’s way better is people coming to together to create gorgeous filth. And there was certainly gorgeous filth by the BUCKETLOAD at Screw as loads of partygoers and no less than SIX porn performers descended on Union Nightclub for a night to remember. Our very own QXMen columnist David Luca was there (pictured above, hey bbz) as well as gorgeous spunky lion Gabriel Phoenix. Aamyko was on hand being a camp bitch as usual, with Heidilicious representing Regina George with an all-pink ensemble. Sex and Mean Girls references? What more could you want on a Saturday night?!

Union Nightclub, 66 Albert Embankment, SE1 7TW

Photos by [HAWT!]Photography

Credited to QX Magazine