Absolutely thrilled by the overwhelming enthusiasm we’ve seen in our Jamie HP WhatsApp groups – a huge thank you to everyone who’s joined us there! Your participation has been so fantastic that we’ve reached full capacity. But we’ve got exciting news for the 2,000+ daily enthusiasts on our waitlist: the conversation is just getting started, as we transition over to Telegram!

Why Telegram? It’s simple. With Telegram, we open up a whole new world of possibilities, enhanced privacy, and the much-needed space for each and every one of you to connect. In the spirit of growing our community, we’re launching two distinct Telegram groups:

🎫 The Insider Hub: Get ready for an exclusive pass to a treasure trove of discounts, early-bird ticket info, and members-only passwords.

🗣️ The Social Sphere: Dive into a space dedicated to grown-up banter – whether it’s setting up dates, discussing job opportunities, finding flats, talking sports, or more, all while fostering a culture of kindness within our community.

And because your privacy is paramount to us, on Telegram, your phone number stays under wraps, ensuring that your personal details remain just that – personal.

We’re on the edge of our seats with anticipation and can’t wait to welcome you all to this new, dynamic platform! Join us on Telegram and be part of something special. Let’s connect, converse, and continue to build our Jamie HP community together. 🚀🌟

Jamie xx