Criticism mounts up for night time advocate responsible for promoting London’s night time economy.

Queer radio presenter, club promoter, art curator and pom-pom maker Amy Lame is failing to advocate for the London’s night time economy or sell her value to the cities music and night time venues during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The usually loud self comedian has been largely invisible from her £83K per annum role as the London mayor’s Night Time ‘Tsar’ during the coronavirus crisis, leaving many asking “what does Amy actually do in her role” – especially considering that she has the time to top-up her salary from other interests.

Over 800 people have signed a petition calling for Sadiq Khan to remove her from her role as she says “I will be judged by the work that I do” she said, whilst reminding The Observer of her 25-year career history this week.

Speaking of her current role Amy told the newspaper: “All I can do is listen. I have a kind of ear and open door policy”, failing to provide and detail on her role.  “What do people expect a night time tsar to do?”, she asked.

Amy was recruited for the post by the mayor in 2016.  A separate commission set out recommendations to the mayor for the night tine economy, but Amy has failed to impress with just a few key achievements to date.  No one could have foreseen this year’s pandemic however, but few would have expected Amy to remain out of view.

Today London’s music, theatre and nightclub venues remain empty to help slow the spread of coronavirus, despite much of London getting back to business. They are not aware of any plans to re-open.

‘Night time revenue’ was reported to have contributed 40% to London’s overall economy in the past. A third of people in the city work at night whilst 4 in 5 people were said to be ‘active’.  The majority of Jamie HP’s club promotions take place in Vauxhall and in London’s West End.